Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+…oh my!

More like oh no!

Over the past month, I’ve been taking a social media marketing course, and, as a result, I’ve been forced headfirst into the realm of online social networking.

Now, I’m no stranger to social media; I was 17 when I signed up for Facebook and 20 when I started tweeting. I’ve been using social media for over a third of my life. So why am I finding this whole thing a tad overwhelming? Continue reading


On Fear and Blogging

When the prospect of starting a blog first crossed my mind, I wasn’t exactly overly enthusiastic. As I detailed in my last post, there are millions of blogs out there. That’s a lot of competition.

Apart from trying to figure out what it was that I actually wanted to blog about (cats? model trains? pet rocks?!), I also had to deal with a mindset that was telling me at every setback or road block, no matter how small, not to blog. Continue reading


After Graduation Comes…?

This year, over 200,000 students will line up to receive degrees from universities across Canada. Speeches will be made, caps will be thrown, and proud, smiling parents from coast to coast will congratulate their sons or daughters for a job well done. But once these high achievers set off into the word that exists outside of campus, will reality meet expectations? Probably not, at least not right away. Continue reading