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How 20 Minutes can Save You Hundreds on Your Next Flight: Part 1 Intercontinental Airfare

This is Part 1 in a series where I share my approach to saving money on airfare. This post focuses on intercontinental flights, but these methods work for almost any type of air travel. Look for Part 2: Regional and Domestic Airfare, next week. 

I’ve also created a video to accompany this post showing a concrete example of how these tips can be used to save you money. Watch it here. 

When I’m not busy playing with clay as a grad student, I’m often perusing guidebooks or tweeting about bucket list-worthy destinations from around the world. You could say I have an acute case of the travel bug (I suspect I’m not the only one), and although I haven’t quite put in the requisite 10,000 hours to achieve mastery of the art of travel, I have spent my fair share of time abroad. Continue reading