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On the Utility of Video for Scientists

When many people hear the words science, research, or anything that ends in the Greek suffix -ology, they immediately conjure images of complex diagrams, abstruse concepts, or thick tomes filled with recondite knowledge. Indeed, in 2013 only 42 % of Canadians polled  were found to be scientifically literate—to wit, able to understand and evaluate the scientific process, experimentation, reasoning, and basic scientific principles as they relate to everyday decision making (there are numerous definitions of scientific literacy; you can read some of them here). While these polling results are a vast improvement over the approximately 15 % of Canadians surveyed who were scientifically literate in 1989, there are still an estimated 4.6 million Canadians today who are unaware that the earth orbits the sun (assuming survey results are representative of Canadian society as a whole). Continue reading