Did Video Kill the Radio Star?

Many people would agree that video has killed the radio star.

But I’m not so sure.

Having gotten a taste of video podcasting, I feel I have more of an appreciation for the moving pictures medium and a much larger respect for those who get it right. Previous to the video tutorial I produced for my last post, I had created a couple of audio podcasts that I thought turned out pretty well for a first-timer. The experience was fun, inexpensive, and, perhaps best of all, easy (read about that experience here).

While my video podcast was undeniably fun to create, it wasn’t nearly as easy. With audio podcasting, I only had to focus on what I wanted to say; video added a whole new dimension. Not only was I worried about sticking to my script but I also had to time the audio with what was happening on my screen. If I screwed up, it wasn’t a simple matter of re-recording the audio and splicing the tracks together; I now had to also account for where my most recent video clip left off, else my tutorial appear more like an out-of-control slideshow. (Pay close attention and if should be obvious where I’ve spliced sections together.)

On the technical side of things, I used a 30-day free trial of Camtasia to make the video, and though the software itself is easy to use and full-featured, it may have been a bit too powerful as it caused my MacBook to crash on more than one occasion. (That may merely indicate that it’s finally time to replace my 7-year-old laptop….)

Video has enormous potential for anyone who wants share what they know with an almost limitless audience. From recipes to science experiments to travel tips and tricks, anyone with something to say needs only to spend a few minutes on YouTube to find the motivation to start recording.

From my experience, video does require a larger time investment compared to audio podcasting (especially if your laptop decides to crash, forcing you to start over) and although I’d like to improve my video production skills by crafting the odd tutorial when I have something worthwhile to share, I’ll stick to audio podcasting for the most part.

Because as far as I’m concerned, video hasn’t killed the radio star.


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