The Theory of Anything

The Theory of Anything: Burnt Toast

Episode 002

What does burnt toast have to do with neuroscience?

It turns out more than you might think.

Have you ever experienced a specific smell that brings on intense memories?

In this episode, I delve into the science behind smells. Listen here.

And if I’ve only just piqued your interest, learn more here.

Opening and closing music by Paw Vester Kristensen used under Creative Commons Licence.

Transition mandolin by lucasgonze used under Creative Commons Licence.

Let me know what you thought of episode 2!


5 thoughts on “The Theory of Anything: Burnt Toast

  1. Burnt toast…funny how this smell reminds me of my Mother-in-law. For as long long as I can remember my Mother-in-law has burnt toast. Even my kids also associate this smell with their Grandmother. We also associate a smoke detector going off with her burning the toast as well. So, you know when one goes off when someone is cooking? We all say…oh, Grandma must be cooking.


    1. That’s too funny. My grandmother also enjoyed toast that was a little on the darkened side. I always stuck to muffins at the breakfast table so I wouldn’t have to endure the experience.


  2. I used to spend my summer holidays with my grandparents at the farm. To this day, whenever I smell WD40, I immediately associate the smell with helping my grandpa work on farm equipment. I really enjoyed your podcast. The content was very interesting and informative, and you have a lovely tempo/melody to your voice. Excellent job!


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