The Theory of Anything

The Theory of Anything: Podcasts

Episode 001

Welcome to the Theory of Anything, a podcast about anything!

In this inaugural episode, host Peter Mitchell (that’s me) takes a look at the popularity of the podcast and discusses why more bloggers haven’t adopted this ancient form of communication to reach their audiences.

Listen here.

Opening and closing music by Paw Vester Kristensen used under Creative Commons Licence.

Transition mandolin by lucasgonze used under Creative Commons Licence.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, I welcome any and all constructive criticisms. Tell me what you think below.


2 thoughts on “The Theory of Anything: Podcasts

  1. Good podcast Peter. I think you are right, anyone can do a podcast. I find them more engaging than doing a regular blog, but yes, it does take a little bit more time to put together. I think when you said there isn’t that many podcasts, it is because they are probably hosted on many different platforms. When I do podcast for work they are not public only for our company and they are hosted on a secure server within the company.
    I didn’t really have any trouble finding topics that I wanted to hear a podcast on, did you?


    1. Thanks! They’re quite fun really. That may be the case, I’ll have to look for a few podcast directories.
      I noticed that all the major topics were covered, but I did find that some of the niche subjects that I read about in the blogs I follow were absent. It is a newer technology, so perhaps people haven’t quite caught on to how easy it really is.


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